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    CNC router ... x CNC ... found a very affordable and extremely well built tabletop CNC router by a company called PCNC Automation in Texas. It is ... much research, we havelike a mini version of the larger CNC s with dual steppers. We especially were sold by the fact ... with toddlers I simply don t have the time. The used CNC Router market was mostly production-grade x machines like ... decisions and design considerations when building your own CNC ... out the CNC Controllers section. The CNC controllers sections convers all aspects of CNC control;
  2. Retrofit on Hurco KM3P - CNCzone.com-The Largest Machinist Community on the net!

    Well the retro has started. The wires are being cut now. No turning back. I will post progress on here as it goes. If you need any Hurco parts let me

    servo drives will be Dugong, with Mach CNC PC boards. The parts have been back-ordered and should be ... is some more info from some other threads here on CNCzone concerning this ... the other pics that you have. I have a Clausing Kondia CNC knee mill from the early s that is very similar to your
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    but CNC or larger machines usually will have some other toolholder