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    CNC ... outside North America than inside. American industrial CNC users tend to ... CNC machine manufacturers attempted to overcome compatibility ... CNC machines use conversational programming, which is ... are also called preparatory codes, and are any word in a CNC program that begins with the letter G . Generally it is a ... most CNC lathes built s to s , ZX is the only available plane, so ... is common practice to use a load monitor with CNC machinery. The load monitor will stop the machine if the ... the machine. Fortunately, most CAD CAM software ships with CNC simulators that will display the movement of the tool as ... the normal running ofthe program executes. Many modern CNC machines also allow programmers to execute the program in a ... and assigning new values to it at will . Macro parametric CNC programming uses human-friendly variable ... logic with machine-readable semantics. Whereas older manual CNC programming could only describe particular insta